5 Little Monkeys

It’s quite a task to try to get these 5 little monkeys to sit still long enough for them ALL to be looking at the camera with eyes open and smiles on their faces. But the smiles should tell you how much fun they were having bouncing around making it difficult for me. Hey, at least they’re all clean. An hour earlier they were 5 little monkeys covered in mud. 🙂
The boys were all happy to have their big brother, Kaleb, join us for the summer. Teddy and Endy ran out to meet him with excited hugs when he arrived.
I have to say this is probably the last post I can get away with calling him “little” though. I was met at the door by a tall young man with a deep voice. Hey, what happened to the boy who was here for Easter? ha ha. How quickly they grow up!!

One thought on “5 Little Monkeys”

  1. What a great picture!!! I want one!!!
    Glad the boys are all having so much
    fun together. Can't wait to see Kaleb!
    Sorry it didn't work out for us to
    get together yesterday. See you & family
    hopefully at the end of the week…..
    Love to you and all your men,

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