5 Weeks Can Change A Life Forever

IMG_2447Half a year ago God stirred the hearts of a family in Southern California to share 5 weeks of their lives with an orphan from L@tvi@. They didn’t know what the outcome would be. But they knew that inviting him to America for a part of their summer would not only be an adventure so often only dreamed of by a child who has spent his life in an orphanage, but it would also increase his chance of becoming part of a family forever from a mere 2% to more than 60%!! That’s a significant impact that 5 weeks can make!

My heart is forever grateful that they chose to pour their time and love into his life. It is because of their obedience to follow God’s call, that Dz’s sweet smile appeared in my email inbox one day. It is because of their willingness, that I was able to laugh with him today, and hug him good night, and tell him I love him. And I pray one day soon we will be able to tell him that his adoption is complete.

Have you ever considered the difference you could make in the life of an orphan by simply saying yes to hosting him for 5 weeks? 5 weeks could change a child’s life forever.

I know it’s only January friends, but would you begin praying about the possibility of hosting an orphan this summer? Then visit newhorizonsforchildren.org to stay updated on their Summer hosting program. There are hundreds of kids hoping to be chosen.

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  1. God is amazing! Praying for all of you during this time of waiting. We are blessed by knowing your family, your love, and following your journey in obedience to God's call.

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