From time to time God has gifted me with the ability to “hear”; The ability to read His Word and “hear” his voice say… this is what I’m telling you, this is what that means. A gentle whisper that says “Remember Luke 22:19” when I’m reading Exodus 25:30. A spiritual understanding that only He gives. He gifts us with spiritual ears. I have found it a bit ironic that my spiritual ears have opened as my physical ears have gone deaf. And yet, isn’t that quite fitting in this upside down kingdom of God, where the Almighty came to serve, and the least shall be the greatest?

The deaf shall hear. Hear what matters. Hear Him.

Just as Christ, the captain of our salvation, was made perfect through the things which He suffered (Hebrews 2:10), so we are being transformed into his image through the trials of this life. Hearing loss has been a daily struggle for me. Learning to hear again through the abnormal electronic sound of a cochlear implant will likely not be easy. But there is value in the things we suffer, value in the difficult. Physical hearing is a beautiful thing. But the loss of my hearing has taught me so much about listening to the Holy Spirit, a gift I cherish.

Those beautiful, physical things that we want to cling to, sometimes they wither and die. Can we see it as a gift? I suppose that’s what this devotional journal, this Daily Surrender to Jesus, is really about. How the trials of this life can open up our understanding of the things of God. How

physical loss can be spiritual gain.