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Friends, I’ve enjoyed sharing my heart with you here through the years. I’m grateful for this little journal of life and growth, that began as a place to record our adoption experiences for family and friends. Teddy and Indy have now been home with us for more than 8 years. Dzintars, preferring now to go by his middle name Michael, has been home with us for almost 4 years. Teddy, Indy, and Michael are 3 of the best decisions we ever made!I’m so thankful to have this little journal, a bit of a time capsule, full of treasured memories and life lessons. For a period of time I tried to maintain this blog and continue writing, but somehow it seems fitting to just tie a bow on it and say thank you to those who walked with us here. Thank you! If you’ve stayed with me even as the posts slowly faded, you may have noticed that my most recent posts introduced another part of my life… Over the last 25 years I have gradually lost my natural hearing, and in the coming months I will be undergoing surgery to implant a device which could grant me the gift of hearing once again. I plan to journal a bit about the experience. I can only imagine how it will impact my life, just as the loss has impacted me. So, for this life-season I will be sharing my heart at astilllifestyle.com. Be still and know that He is God.

God bless you friends for all of your love and support during our adoption years.

Our six sons, and 2 future daughters-in-law

LtoR: Michael. Sarah and Nate. Indy. Nick in back. Teddy in front. Eve and Kaleb.

Michael, Teddy, and Indy

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