A successful court hearing!

Today they are officially our boys!
Endrias (4) and Tedy (6)……
They were 3 and 5 in this picture, taken when they first arrived at the orphanage in March 2008
Look how much they have been growing!

Endy has almost caught up with his brother in height and weight.


Tedy and Endy, the day they first saw our pictures.

We are praising God today and looking forward to bringing them home in June!

4 thoughts on “A successful court hearing!”

  1. Dear Sweet daughter and family!!
    Receiving your phone call this morning was such great news!!! You know that we have all been praying for this day to come and now we continue praying for the day that you bring them home to live with you & to join our family! Like you've said all along….It's God's perfect timing….
    Much love, M:)M

  2. I am so excited and praising God! My heart is singing for you! Congratulations! They are beautiful! I cannot wait to hear more about how God is answering your (our) prayers.

    God bless you and your growing family!

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