He is a God of details.    Every.  Last.  One.    Is never neglected.   
He is a God of perfect timing.    Every.  Last.  Second.    Is His.   
We had received photos of our two adorable little ones waiting at the orphanage for the day we would arrive to take them home. But they had no pictures of their new family. I started to put together two little albums of Mommy, Daddy, and 3 big Brothers, but life was being lived. Hip surgery, a car accident, homeschool, full plates, and empty cups.
I looked at the weeks that slipped by between the day I wanted to send those photos and the day I actually did, thinking I was late. But God looked at those weeks and saw His perfect timing. 
We received more photos, how they had grown! And still the two little albums lay on the shelf incomplete, pebbles along the path, stepped over too many times. But God knew the details. God cares about the details. Hard work and heart work and finally we sent them off in the mail.
Then we received word… the man who saw the physical need of his weakening sons; malnutrition that needed a doctors hand… who saw his own inability to provide… the daddy who loved them enough to place them into the loving hands of the orphanage, had died. Himself a victim of starvation. Our two precious boys, growing strong, were given the news… Daddy had joined Mommy in death.
But do you know how very much God loves his precious children thought of by the world as orphans? 
The Very.  Same.  Day.   
Two little photo albums arrived in the mail. Comfort for two hurting boys. A new family waiting with hope and joy to hold them. Mommy, Daddy, and 3 big Brothers. Open arms and love. Who, but God, could orchestrate that?

Commemorating the faithfulness of God again today, because He is so worthy of our praise. If you are facing a mountain, He is strong enough to move it! If you are tripping over pebbles, He cares enough to move those too! He is the ALLmighty God of details and perfect timing.
Do you believe it, friend? 

9 thoughts on “ALLmighty”

  1. I hadn't seen this post before until today as I was 'visiting' a bit. Tears and thankful for your Teddy {and Indy}. Faithful God…lover of orphan and widows. Bless you my friend.

  2. "Who, but God, could orchestrate that?"


    and what a confirmation from good God, for you and for them that they were written for you. no detail untouched.

    i am recently reading numbers (and a few weeks ago finished leviticus), and there God is in every. single. detail. even the boring mundane details, in them, cares about them, reigning over them!

  3. I enjoyed browsing through your blog as well Natasha! We do seem to have a lot in common! Except… you are so much more organized than I am with meal planning. One of my struggles to stay on top of that. But I just LOVED your meal plan ideas that you shared and I'm grateful because next weeks meals are now planned! 😉 So glad you stopped by! I'll be going back to read more of your adoption story too. God bless!

  4. Enjoying browsing through your blog. I think we have a lot in common. :0) Found you through Linny's blog and I saw you visited my blog. Thank you. Loved this post. I'm going to have to read more of your story.

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