It has been Quite. A. Year.  A bittersweet year.

I’ve spent months recovering from two major hip surgeries. My husband is currently recovering from back surgery. Our sweet Daisy, beloved pet for the last 13+ years, passed away.

DSC00082 (2)


And our son, Nate, moved nine hours away to attend college in Oregon. I miss him like crazy!

But there have been countless joys intermixed…

Andrew moved in. We’ve known him since just before he and Nate started kindergarten together, and he’s visited us in every home we’ve lived in since. But spending his senior year of high school with us sealed the deal… he became like a seventh son.


Nate and Andrew, Kindergarten and 12th grade

What a special thing it was watching these two graduate from high school together. This summer he moved away, joining the Army, but we look forward to his Christmas visit!


Graduation, May 2015


Sarah became a part of our lives. I have nothing but good things to say about this precious young lady. We love you Sarah.

DSC05022 (3)

Graduation, May 2015

She and Nate are now both in Oregon for college, wearing promise rings, and envisioning their future together.


Prom, May 2015

Nick also started college, part time at the JC down the street, receiving dual credit for high school, with a 4.0. He amazes me!

DSC04596 (2)

Nick’s 16th, December 2014

He even became a licensed driver this year. Be warned! 😉

And to those of you who followed our adoption of Dzintars, you’ll be excited to hear the next joy… He officially has a L@tvi@n-American cousin! My sister and her family finalized their adoption of Dennis this year. Welcome to the family!

DSC04546 (3)

Back: Adam, Dzintars, Nick, Papa (my dad), nephew Thomas, Nate, Kaleb, brother-in-law Clint, Middle: Me, Nana (my mom), niece Savannah, Front: Teddy, nephew Luke, new nephew Dennis, niece Sophi, Indy, sister Shawna Christmas 2014

And a forever precious summer memory spending a week at the beach with all 9 of “our” kids, including Andrew, Sarah, and Kaleb’s girlfriend, Eve.

Dzintars, Andrew, Indy, Teddy, Me, Nick, Nate, and Sarah