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Adoption and Joy


“You will be my mom? Forever?”

Please tell me how I am supposed to avoid the discussion of adoption when he hands me google translate with those words across the screen? I want him to KNOW that he is chosen and loved. I want him to KNOW that we hope it is forever. I smile and I hug him and I remind him to be patient because we are still not allowed to talk with him about it. It is VERY VERY hard not to talk about it.
There are many good and valid reasons why adoption is not supposed to be discussed while he is here; why we must wait for many details to fall into place first, and many valid reasons why I long to comfort him with answers and dispel his fear that he might be left without a family again. I am torn. I tell him again and again that I love him and hope that will be enough to carry him. I see little flashes of understanding behind his eyes and smile. Even though I can’t share every detail I see peace settling over him as he pieces together glimpses of the truth. He is loved. Forever.

Such a picture of my Heavenly Father’s love for me. I don’t understand every detail that God has set in motion, but I know He loves me. And there will be a day when I will be in His presence forever. There is peace in the knowing. And in the waiting there are many moments of joy, and I am comforted in that.


Photos are still not allowed, per our adoption agency, but may I attempt to paint a few pictures of the joy we’ve been experiencing?…

A beautiful quiet day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom without lines. We race to the next ride and weave through and around and under and over the stalls. Walking between rides Nick stands on his right, taps his left shoulder and pretends it isn’t him. He catches on and we all laugh. He later returns the joke successfully and we laugh harder. We sip hot cocoa to warm us as we watch the dolphins swim.

I tuck in the younger boys with tickles and smother them with “cootie” kisses. They giggle and squirm and I catch a glimpse of Dz watching from around the corner with a giant smile, so he receives a few “cooties” of his own.

Late into the night we sit together on the couch with google translate in hand and he begins to share bits and pieces of his life. My heart is broken and blessed simultaneously.

All of us gathered around the computer screen watching YouTube videos of favorite music. Singing (the boy can sing!), dancing, laughing (a lot) and “fighting” over whose taste is better, everyone’s arms reaching for the mouse to choose the next song. An accidental click on a skimpily clad dancer and he cracks up laughing when I cover his eyes. Clearly he is not used to that kind of love, but he jokingly attempts to click another because he wants me to cover his eyes again.

Nerf darts flying in every direction as Dz savors a playful day with both of his host-families together. Tickles and wrestles and surprise nerf attacks; love coming from both Peter and Adam. All the kids laughing together. Hugs and yes, surprise nerf attacks, from both Stacey and I too. A beautiful reunion that didn’t end in tears, but smiles, because hope is seen.

A houseful of 14 kids at Nana and Papa’s gathered around the table singing happy birthday as Nick blows out his 14 candles and everyone piles the whip cream high upon their cheesecake and pumpkin pie. My health-nut sister shrugs her shoulders in defeat and laughs saying, how much more chaos could a little extra whip cream add to this rambunctious group of running, laughing, chasing, playing kids anyway?

And these words… “I love you with all my heart. I am very happy. I want stay here.” bring me the greatest joy of all!

Can’t Afford Adoption?

We can’t afford adoption, friends. My husband makes a good living, but he supports a large family and we are a single income family with all the same expenses the average family has… and a little extra on groceries.(5 boys, 3 teens, maybe a lot extra on groceries.) So how are we possibly going to afford the expense of another adoption? We filled out paperwork and started the process, but now we wait. Wait for money we don’t have laying around. Wait for God.

I’ve heard that only 3% of people who consider adopting actually do adopt, and the #1 reason that most of them never follow through is because they can’t afford it. And it makes me sad. Because we couldn’t afford our first adoption either. And yet, just this morning I snuggled on the couch with my sweet Indy, giggling and talking together, mother and son.

Adopted.   Home.   Forever my child. 

When God placed adoption on our hearts He didn’t say… “Check your bank account and see if you have enough money sitting in there, and if you can afford it, then will you care for the orphans?”.

What God does say is that He has compassion for the fatherless, His love is beyond measure, His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in our weakness. What we can’t do, He can! What we don’t have, He does! If He tells us to take care of the orphan, He plans to take care of  us, to supply the need, so that we can take care of the orphan. It’s that simple.

When we adopted the first time I remember reading somewhere… “Most of us have no hesitation to finance a home, many of us have no hesitation to finance a car, yet we hesitate to finance the life of a child?”

I’m not suggesting that we all finance our adoptions, but only suggesting that we question our priorities. And that we trust the One who has called us to step out in faith. If God plans to use your family to bring a child out of poverty and hardship, do you know that He is able to bring His plans to fruition regardless of the balance in your bank account?!

We can’t afford adoption, not on our own, and I don’t know where the money is coming from, but I know it will come, because  God’s heart is for the orphan! God’s heart is for the poor, and the destitute, and the hurting, and the lonely.

When it is His will, He will make a way.

My heart is excited and eager to see Him make a way where there seems no way. To see Him move where we wait in stillness. To see His strength displayed in our weakness. He is able.

Shared from my heart ~ Stacy

Beautiful Adoption

Hello friends,
We are about to enter into another grand adventure, following the Lord once again into adoption.

Beautiful Adoption!
(God) chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in lovehaving predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will…” Ephesians :4-5
We have been praying over this for over a year now and trusting that God’s timing is always perfect. We originally considered adopting this time from Uganda. We found an agency to work with and started the process, but the Lord closed that door when the agency’s Uganda program closed. We discovered the same happening at several agencies we contacted. Why? When so many Ugandan children still desperately need families to love them? I don’t have answers to that, but I know that God has not forgotten them.
Lord, I know your heart is for the orphan…
“But You have seen, for You observe trouble and grief, … You are the helper of the fatherless.” Psalm 10:14
And I do know that… God’s plans for our family, the country He has chosen for us, the child(ren) He intends to place in our hearts, and every step He wants to take us through, are perfectly orchestrated for His purposes. We have seen His faithful hand at work in our first adoption, and we are choosing to trust Him. We don’t know the country, but we have decided to remain open until we are further along in the process. As His plans continue to unfold, we will share more. He knows the plans He has for us!
“I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18

Shared from my heart ~ Stacy


He is a God of details.    Every.  Last.  One.    Is never neglected.   
He is a God of perfect timing.    Every.  Last.  Second.    Is His.   
We had received photos of our two adorable little ones waiting at the orphanage for the day we would arrive to take them home. But they had no pictures of their new family. I started to put together two little albums of Mommy, Daddy, and 3 big Brothers, but life was being lived. Hip surgery, a car accident, homeschool, full plates, and empty cups.
I looked at the weeks that slipped by between the day I wanted to send those photos and the day I actually did, thinking I was late. But God looked at those weeks and saw His perfect timing. 
We received more photos, how they had grown! And still the two little albums lay on the shelf incomplete, pebbles along the path, stepped over too many times. But God knew the details. God cares about the details. Hard work and heart work and finally we sent them off in the mail.
Then we received word… the man who saw the physical need of his weakening sons; malnutrition that needed a doctors hand… who saw his own inability to provide… the daddy who loved them enough to place them into the loving hands of the orphanage, had died. Himself a victim of starvation. Our two precious boys, growing strong, were given the news… Daddy had joined Mommy in death.
But do you know how very much God loves his precious children thought of by the world as orphans? 
The Very.  Same.  Day.   
Two little photo albums arrived in the mail. Comfort for two hurting boys. A new family waiting with hope and joy to hold them. Mommy, Daddy, and 3 big Brothers. Open arms and love. Who, but God, could orchestrate that?

Commemorating the faithfulness of God again today, because He is so worthy of our praise. If you are facing a mountain, He is strong enough to move it! If you are tripping over pebbles, He cares enough to move those too! He is the ALLmighty God of details and perfect timing.
Do you believe it, friend?