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Our boys will be home soon. It’s finally beginning to hit me how close it is. We have a court date…. February 13th!! Which means that if all goes well, we should be able to travel to Ethiopia and bring them home by the end of March. That’s only 2 months away! So much to do.. and yet, if we could travel today, I’d be ready! Their sweet faces have been in my dreams twice now, and I held them in my arms. What an amazing feeling to wake up with.


We are waiting for our court date in Ethiopia. Hoping to bring our boys home in the next few months. We know it will be about five weeks after our court date before we can travel over to get them, but no news yet as to when our court date is. It’s a hard wait. Our agency just sent us some new photos of them and it makes us even more ready to bring them home. Can’t wait to share their photos with everyone! Hopefully soon!!