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The Hog on the Fence Post, and Other Hearing-Loss Blunders

For my first Five Minute Friday post in quite some time, the word is, coincidentally,


“Hello sweet thing.” They weren’t exactly strange words to hear. He was my boyfriend after all. But what was strange were the words I thought I heard…

“Hello wheat thin.” What?! Why on earth would my boyfriend call me a wheat thin?!

It was the first moment when reality sunk in…

“I am hearing impaired.”

That Christmas my Aunt drew my name for gag-gift giving and gave me a bag of Wheat Thins with the words “Welcome to the club” written across it. Our hearing loss is genetic, passed along from one generation to the next… gradual loss beginning in our late teens to early 20’s, and potentially continuing until complete deafness. My sister, my mom, aunts, uncles, grandpa; a whole club of us. But at least we could laugh together. They all understood, because we each had our own first moment.

My uncle’s first always gives me a good giggle: It was while driving in the car with his dad, who pointed to a passing fence line saying “look at that hog on the fence post” and my uncle thought, “Really? How would a hog even get up there? Or balance?” (Envision it friends, and giggle with me.) Until he saw the perched hawk dart back into the sky. And that was his moment of accepting reality…  “I am hearing impaired.”

20-ish years ago my grandpa was the first in our family to have the incredible blessing of receiving a cochlear implant, and he experienced the joy of hearing the birds sing again. Eventually his children received the same blessing. And now this 3rd generation of my family is beginning to experience the same emotional joy; my sister received the cochlear implant just before Christmas. For the first time in more than 20 years she is able to communicate without reading lips.

A peek into our normal:

CAN YOU READ MY LIPS? from Little Moving Pictures on Vimeo.


My nephew put this touching video together, which captured my sister’s first moments of sound with her implant. May it bless you with great appreciation for the simple gift of hearing.


File Jan 02, 7 49 04 PM from Stacy Pelzl on Vimeo.


God is good! All the time!

Shared from my heart ~ Stacy

Bittersweet Highlights


It has been Quite. A. Year.  A bittersweet year.

I’ve spent months recovering from two major hip surgeries. My husband is currently recovering from back surgery. Our sweet Daisy, beloved pet for the last 13+ years, passed away.

DSC00082 (2)

And our son, Nate, moved nine hours away to attend college in Oregon. I miss him like crazy!

But there have been countless joys intermixed…

Andrew moved in. We’ve known him since just before he and Nate started kindergarten together, and he’s visited us in every home we’ve lived in since. But spending his senior year of high school with us sealed the deal… he became like a seventh son.

Nate and Andrew, Kindergarten and 12th grade

What a special thing it was watching these two graduate from high school together. This summer he moved away, joining the Army, but we look forward to his Christmas visit!

Graduation, May 2015


Sarah became a part of our lives. I have nothing but good things to say about this precious young lady. We love you Sarah.

DSC05022 (3)
Graduation, May 2015

She and Nate are now both in Oregon for college, wearing promise rings, and envisioning their future together.

Prom, May 2015

Nick also started college, part time at the JC down the street, receiving dual credit for high school, with a 4.0. He amazes me!

DSC04596 (2)
Nick’s 16th, December 2014

He even became a licensed driver this year. Be warned! 😉

And to those of you who followed our adoption of Dzintars, you’ll be excited to hear the next joy… He officially has a L@tvi@n-American cousin! My sister and her family finalized their adoption of Dennis this year. Welcome to the family!

DSC04546 (3)
Back: Adam, Dzintars, Nick, Papa (my dad), nephew Thomas, Nate, Kaleb, brother-in-law Clint, Middle: Me, Nana (my mom), niece Savannah, Front: Teddy, nephew Luke, new nephew Dennis, niece Sophi, Indy, sister Shawna Christmas 2014

And a forever precious summer memory spending a week at the beach with all 9 of “our” kids, including Andrew, Sarah, and Kaleb’s girlfriend, Eve.

Dzintars, Andrew, Indy, Teddy, Me, Nick, Nate, and Sarah

A Time To Cherish

They say a mom is busiest when her kids are toddlers, but I say the teen years have been giving serious competition.
Every season brings a unique fullness, but the desire to be FULLY present is emphasized when you realize how soon they will be gone.
2015 is the year Nate will turn 18, graduate, and move off on his own to attend college. It is bittersweet times in my heart these days.
I’m so proud of how well he’s been steering toward his future. He got his first college acceptance after pouring himself into studying for his SATs and senior year classes. Senior photos were also taken, yesterday, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.
Childhood is short, and nearly over for Nate, so I’m cherishing my time with him. This motherhood stuff, with it’s “letting them go” phase, is so much harder than I ever imagined.

Family Is Forever

cropped-cropped-photo-9-e1444610074436.jpgHip surgery is quite the ordeal, but family has certainly made it easier on me! I rest, while my mom makes everyone lunch and my dad teaches my kids about history as they watch a documentary together. I’m so thankful they are able to be here with me during my recovery. 

Yesterday my sweet Aunt sent a text to encourage me from God’s Word, to persevere in the midst of trial, knowing that God will use all things for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. Then she asked me what He has been teaching me through it. 
So much! 
But I believe He has also used my trial to teach my kids, and that blesses me in a way I can’t fully describe. They have grown in compassion and servanthood over the last two years as they’ve seen me literally limp through my days. My 11 year old, Teddy, recently asked an older woman, a stranger to him, if he could help her lift a heavy item. She was surprised a young boy had even noticed she was struggling. It blessed her. It blessed me. My pain has opened their eyes of compassion a little wider, and that makes the trial worth walking through.

My sister came to visit me today. She brought 7 meals for my family, to tuck away in the freezer and make dinner easier on me after my parents leave. Such a sweet gift… my sister is to me! I know God loves me because He blessed me so, with family. Family is the sweetest gift. 
Dzintars is still learning what family means. He was told in L@tvi@ that his adoption was only until he turned 18, then he would be an adult and need to take care of himself. I’ve told him time and again that family will always be here for him. It doesn’t change at any age. Today I believe he finally understood. He and Indy came in to chat with me while I rested on my bed. We talked about how wonderful it has been having Nana and Papa here to help while Dad is at work, and how nice it was for Aunt Shawna and their cousins to visit and bring us food. A perfect opportunity… I said, “You see boys, I’m 40 years old and my Mom and Dad still come to help me when I need them. The love of a Mom and Dad never ends. There’s never an age when parents stop helping. My sister also still cares about me and wants to help. Siblings are your best friends for the rest of your life. That’s family.” 
Indy’s thoughtful reply… “family is forever”. 
Yes, family is forever! 
Dzintars sat quietly on the edge of the bed just nodding his head gently, then reached up to wipe a tear away. 
Thanking God for my family and the living example they’ve been, as it speaks to my children’s  hearts.
“Give thanks to The Lord for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.”