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Beginning The New Year With Rest

Sometimes it seems like time passes by so quickly!! December came and went… My husbands birthday… Christmas…. A lot of company… New Years eve and my son’s birthday…. New years day… and back to school…already!! I pray that in the whirlwind you all had time to sit at our Father’s feet and spend time basking in His glorious presence! I pray that the rush rush of the “season” was not able to distract you from the wonderful purpose of our celebration. The birth of our amazing savior!! And I pray that 2009 finds all of us sitting humbly at His side, ready and willing to go wherever He takes us this year!! What amazing journeys He has planned for each and every one of us… His children… who He fashioned in the womb… specifically for the good works He planned ahead of time for us to do. We were each individually created for His specific, individual plans and purposes. What comfort I find in that truth. I was not designed for your task, nor you for mine. Comparisons creep into our hearts some days. Then we can find ourselves wishing. God’s Word calls it covetousness. It’s opposite is contentment. “… I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation,… I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:12,13) Contentment is found when we put our trust in Christ and rely on His strength and KNOW in our hearts that He is in control of all things and His plans are absolutely perfect!! The best way to KNOW this truth is to renew our minds with this truth each and every day by spending time with our Lord in his Word. If you are a New year’s resolution kind of person…(and even if you’re not..)… I pray that this year you would resolve to love your Lord with all your heart, mind and soul…. to crave intimacy with Him….. to desire nothing more than time spent in His presence… and to trust Him so thoroughly with your life that His will would be utmost in your heart…. There you will find rest.