Flashes of Lightning

It is finished friends. He told us so as He breathed his last breath. 

A finished work.

 And I wonder about this sometimes… right between the scripture and the sin. Clearly I’m a work still in process. A sinner still in the midst of transformation. So how do I reconcile this unfinished finished work? How do I walk confidently through this process of sanctification, trusting fully in the truth of his words…

I will carry on to completion that which I have begun in you.” (Ph 1:6)
and “It is finished.”? (Jhn 19:30)

I know it to be true, just as surely as the thunder lingers close behind the lightning. Faithfully. 
He is faithful. He has flashed His mighty light.

And we live between the lightning and the thunder. 

1….2…..3….2011….2012.... we count, in confident and eager anticipation of his return. Do you hear the approaching sound of His triumphant thunder? He is coming.

4 thoughts on “Flashes of Lightning”

  1. I love Christ's words "It is finished"
    Perhaps they are more rich with meaning than any other words in history. And I love the way you pondered them in this post. Thanks for sharing.
    Gail (BibleLoveNotes)

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