Focusing On Joy

airplane-view-from-windowMy heart is breaking into pieces today. We are on our way into San Francisco where we will have to send Dz off on an airplane back to Latvia. We don’t know how long it will be until we can see him again. I had myself a good little cry over it last night, and I’m not convinced the tears won’t flow again today. Especially when he tells me again and again that he wants to stay.

May God strengthen us to walk in the difficult and the unknown. May He give his angels charge over Dz, to guard him in all his ways!

Since we have a little time in the car, I think I’ll help my mind to focus on the joys, by sharing a few more with you…

Game night playing Swap. So. Much. Fun! We all cried that night too, but only because we were laughing so hard! The first few rounds of racing to slap the table took him by surprise, but by the 3rd time, he called out “oh, I understand!” Then look out! This boy likes to win.

Hiking in the Redwoods with 7 adventurous boys. Dad at the lead. Over and under, climbing, jumping, swinging, running. I follow behind praying hard for no broken bones. And a beautiful moment stopped along the river watching all my boys skipping stones.

A favorite moment yesterday as we all walked on the beach. Because bonding with me seems easier for him, it filled me with joy to watch, ahead in the distance, Adam and Dz walking and talking and laughing with their arms over one another’s shoulder.

And a moment of humor… Adamant that he wants to stay, he jokes with us and tells us in his English that he is going to “poop” the car tires so that we can not drive him to the airport. Then the other boys, through laughter, begin charades to explain to him the difference between “poop” and “pop”. He laughs. I don’t think he’ll have trouble remembering that one.

Kids on bicycles and skateboards, Dad and Mom on foot. We go to the park around the corner and spend the afternoon with a little sunshine peeking through, circling the bike path and tossing the football. Adam throws it long, Nick and Dz run and wrestle for the victory of catching it. But 8 year old Indy sneaks in, grabs it from the midst of them, and runs off victorious. All they can do is laugh and help each other up from the grass. Then offer high fives to the victor. And another loop around the bike path, he pulls up beside me and says, “No L@tvi@. I stay here.”

Oh how I wish you could stay here. But I promise you, we will do our best to bring you back just as quickly as we’re able!

8 thoughts on “Focusing On Joy”

  1. Praying for a quick and permanent reunion for your son and your family. In the meantime, Lord, please guard and protect this precious boy and comfort everyone's heart. Amen

  2. Praying that it will be soon for Dzintars to come home permanently! And in the meantime, his heart will be stilled with peace knowing that there is a family waiting for him!

  3. We are praying for him to come back quickly and for God to comfort you all during the wait. All on his own, Elias keeps praying for Dzintars and looks forward to meeting him!

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