Getting Our Toes Wet in Ethiopian Culture

We had an incredible Sunday yesterday. Through friends, we were connected with Seifu, an Ethiopian American man living in the Sacramento area. He invited us to visit his church… Ethiopian Christian Fellowship. What a wonderful experience. I was so blessed by their devotion to worship and prayer. The Holy Spirit brought me to tears just listening to the music and the 30 or so minutes of prayer, both by the pastor and at some times the whole body.. individually, yet in unison. (It sounded like an orchestra of voices speaking different words, yet so harmoniously)Yes, the worship, prayer,and teaching were all in Amheric, the national language of Ethiopia. But, Seifu kindly translated as much as possible on his Blackberry. The service was about growing in God’s Word (Moving on from milk to solid food) and Unity within the body of Christ… pointing out that we as Christians all speak the same language… God’s Word through the Holy Spirit. (How appropriate!) Seifu pointed out that it was a significant message to Ethiopians because there are 84 different languages spoken within the country. We were welcomed so wholeheartedly with hugs, handshakes, and even learned the Ethiopian greeting of cheek to cheek on the right, left, and right again as we shook hands. After the service we were invited to share a meal with them as they were celebrating a recent marriage in their body. It was such an incredible opportunity to enjoy an authentic (And delicious!) Ethiopian meal in the traditional Ethiopian way… using our hands to eat. As Adam was lifting his fingers to his mouth he laughed and said… “My mother would kill me if she saw me right now.” Isn’t it funny how different customs can be?, and yet… they are just customs! We were so blessed by our experience there! We were also blessed to learn more about the ministry Seifu has started in Africa…. East Africa Village Outreach. The Lord began to stir his heart into action when he went to visit his home village in Ethiopia and saw a young boy getting dirty water to drink, yet his children don’t even drink the unfiltered tapwater here in America. If you have the chance, click here to visit his website and read about his ministry and the work he and others are doing to share God’s love in the poverty run villages of East Africa, and to find out how you might be able to get involved.

2 thoughts on “Getting Our Toes Wet in Ethiopian Culture”

  1. Stacy,

    This is just beautiful. You will have so many wonderful things to teach those boys–and I expect they will have just as many wonderful things to teach you, as well!

  2. What a blessing.
    Ok, I am in tears. I love to read the words of praise to God from the now grown up kids that Sheffie and I used to love and treasure. Thanks for letting us back into your lives through this blog. I will enjoys seeing your journey with your new boys.

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