It’s good to be home. It’s SO good to have Dz home with us! Our time in L@tvi@ was a blessed-struggle, and a difficult-joy. I haven’t been able to find the words.

Later perhaps.

But today I want to share… today… a moment now tucked into my heart forever.

A few weeks ago…
We celebrated Dz’s 16th birthday with him in L@tvi@. In my mind our day was simple, but it started with a birthday banner hung near his bed and a candle in his breakfast cinnamon roll brought to him as we sang. And even before the gifts were given, he told me, “I’ve never had such a good birthday”. (Yes, that kind of difficult joy.)

We gave him this book as a gift. When he held the book in his hand he just looked at me with a smile and said “English”. Yes. But I assured him he would understand it soon and I would read it to him. “Thank you”. Now don’t worry friends, this simple book was also appropriately balanced with a technological teenage boy kind of gift, which got a much more exuberant thank you… As I expected. I have 3 more teenage sons after all. 😉 But he did recognize the words “I Love You”, and that was my hope.


Then today…

The birthday book was brought out again. His understanding of English is growing quickly and he’s determined to know it upside down and backwards before we can blink. So at one week home, I read to him, this favorite story that I’ve read time and again to all of my kids…


Using simple synonyms and familiar explanations, pointing to pictures and motioning with my hands, he understood the whole story. Even more, he understood the message… that he could never guess high enough.
As we finished the book, with his sweet smile he pointed to himself, then to me, saying “I love you. To moon. And back.” The sweetest words. Praising God for another precious moment.

And praising God for the blessing of your prayers. Thank you friends! His faithfulness to answer is far beyond my ability to write of it.