He is Coming!

Dz, our son-to-be, will be arriving in less than a week! Our family is getting so excited! We’ve been planning out our days that we will spend with him. One month. Our adoption is in process, and not yet complete, but we will have the blessing of being able to host him over Christmas through New Horizons for Children.  A part of me is heartbroken that he will only be here for one month, and we won’t yet be able to tell him anything about adoption. But the other part of me is thanking God that we will have one more month to spend with him, and I trust he will return when the timing is right.

As we prepare for his coming, the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about Advent. Do you celebrate Advent friends? Oh what a blessing the Advent season is for our family! Advent simply means… coming. To celebrate the coming of the Christmas holiday, in parallel with the coming of Christ. So as Christmas approaches, we take time together as a family each day to focus our hearts on the one who came into the world as a small child and will return again as our reigning King.

This year we are reading Bartholomew’s Passage together. (Get this book! Seriously.) In the midst of it all, the Lord has asked me… “What have you done to prepare for the coming of Dz?” And as I thought through each thing we’ve done, The Lord has shown me that I need to make the same preparations for Him. He is coming.

When we first started down this path, we began by praying for each of our hearts. Praying that each of my children would easily accept him, that he would experience comfort in our home, that our hearts would find connection and joy in one another’s presence. Christ has the same prayer for us.

 …”In His presence is fullness of joy…” Psalm 16:11


As Dz’s arrival date gets closer we have spent a lot of time trying to learn as much as we can about him. What is his personality like? His character? What does he enjoy doing? What kind of food does he eat? We have had the privilege of having many of these questions answered for us by people who have met him personally in the past. I’ve sent many questions by email to his previous host mom, Stacey, and her replies have been so helpful. Jesus speaks to me again… “I am coming soon. Are you taking time to learn about me? Have you read the letters written by my disciples, my personal friends, as they share what I have revealed to them about my character? Will your recognize me when I come?”

“As for God, His way is perfect, the Word of the Lord is proven, He is a shield to all who trust in Him.” Psalm 18:30
We are choosing gifts for Christmas and I want to know enough about who Dz is, to choose the right gifts for him.
What makes these men wise? I wonder about this as I place my wise men figures on the mantle. And I see the gifts they hold. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  “They knew who to expect.” Jesus whispers again. “They had asked questions. They studied and learned all they could about who was coming.”
They brought myrrh, a perfume used to anoint the bodies of those who had died, because they knew this was the one who would die for the sins of the world.
They brought frankincense, which the priest would burn on the alter as an offering to the Lord, because they knew this was the one who would become our high priest, interceding for us at the right hand of the Father.
They brought gold, like the crown and value of royalty, because they knew this was the one who is King of all.
Do you know Him friends? Are you prepared for the coming of The Son?
Come Lord Jesus.

Shared from my heart ~ Stacy

2 thoughts on “He is Coming!”

  1. Oh my heart!!! I'm praying for your sweet family as he is now there!!! Praying y'all have sweet connection and that he begins to experience healing in his heart in HIS NEW HOME…even if he doesn't realize it's his forever home YET…praying for miracles among you all!

  2. lovely words, stacy. well said.
    congratulations on one month and the hope of many many more! i pray God surprises you with a marvelous gift this Christmas.

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