Keeping Christ in Christmas… #2

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Ok, admit it! We live in a materialistic society and it’s easy to get caught up in materialistic desires. Especially at Christmas time. When everyone is busily writing their “wish lists”. Sometimes it’s written on paper and sometimes it’s just written secretly on our hearts. The world we live in encourages this. I’m not suggesting we scratch gift giving altogether this year. I enjoy giving my family and friends gifts, I know how much fun it can be for a child to tear open the packaging on Christmas morning, And most importantly, I know that the giving and receiving of gifts at Christmas-time is meant to remind us of the gift of Jesus Christ who God gave to us, that whosoever believes shall have eternal life. My hope for my children is that they will be blessed with the opportunity to be thankful, and mindful of the gift of Christ, but not overloaded with so many material gifts that their hearts begin to long for the items on their ever-increasing wish list each year. It can be difficult to find that balance.

But the celebration is supposed to be about Christ… not presents under the tree. So when I heard this idea I clung to it!  I get to give, my children get to receive, the focus stays on Christ, and materialism doesn’t run overboard.

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Wise men came bearing 3 gifts for Jesus. My children each receive 3 gifts. Simple.

It’s also a great opportunity to create a teaching moment for your children. Talk about the three gifts that were given to Jesus. Tell them what each of them represent.

Gold: He is the King of kings!

Frankencense: He is our high priest! (This is what the priests would burn when they offered a sacrifice for sins on the alter.)

Myrrh: He died as a sin-offering for us! (This is a perfume that was used to anoint the bodies before they were layed in their tombs.)

The older your children are, the more in depth you can discuss these three significant facts!

Check back for more great ideas throughout the month to help Keep Christ in Christmas!!
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One thought on “Keeping Christ in Christmas… #2”

  1. Great idea, great thought.

    My pet peeve at Christmas is when stress from the gift giving and buying steals the joy of the anticipation of Christ's birth.

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