Keeping Christ in Christmas.

I’ve been blessed to have many ideas shared with me on keeping Christ as the priority of our Christmas celebration. A friend at Community Bible Study in Nevada shared a list of great ideas with us a few years ago and I’ve adopted many of them. I hope some of these ideas will find their way into your celebration. Be blessed! …

Advent: means coming. It is a celebration of our eager expectation of the coming of Christ! Both his first coming… many years ago in Bethlehem… and his second coming…. soon to arrive! What better way to spend the next month than devoting time spent with the Lord each day in eager anticipation of His coming!!

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading an advent book together as a family the last few years. The time spent together with one another and the Lord and the things he has taught us has been a treasure!! A wonderful trilogy that I can’t reccomend highly enough is by Arnold Ytreeide. It brings to life the time of Christ’s birth through the eyes of three different children and their circumstances which bring them to his birth. They are all three wonderful! Not for very young children though… they may find parts a bit scary. (Like kidnapping, etc.)  Preview it first… you know your kids. We read the first one when our boys were 6, 8, and 11.

1. Jotham’s Journey:  About a lost shepherd boy who dodges kidnappers, robbers, and jackels in a perilous journey to rejoin his family. Along the way, he follows a bright star that leads him to the Christ child in a manger in Bethlehem.
2. Bartholomew’s Passage: About 10-year old Bartholomew’s escape from Roman soldiers, his search for his missing family, and the miracle he experiences in Bethlehem.
3. Tabatha’s Travels: About a shepherd’s daughter, as her family travels to Bethlehem for the census. Along the way her father is imprisoned by the Romans, so she stays with Zachary and Elizabeth, and helps Mary and Joseph just before Jesus’ birth.

Each book is broken up into daily reading, followed by related devotion and scripture. It can spark some wonderful family discussion. They are also enjoyable enough to do on your own no matter what age you are!

Another great advent book for younger children is “The Advent Book” By Jack and Kathy Stockman which tells the Christmas story through 25 pages, each with a unique door that opens to gorgeous illustrations. We read this every year, even as the boys get older and right alongside other books.

In our family, there have been days skipped when Adam had to work, which we made up on his days off. There have been years that we’ve gotten a late start… and just read a little extra here and there. Don’t let things like that keep you from the blessing! Really, you will be so glad you took the time! Enjoy!

Check back for some more great ideas throughout the month to help Keep Christ in Christmas!!
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