Laughter and Tears

And here begins our second hosting of Dz as we continue to wait for adoption progress. Yesterday was laughter and today was tears. Two amazing days of hosting so far. Shall I catch you up?…

Dz arrived close to midnight on Thursday. He had another long and exhausting trip full of flight delays and long layovers, but he made it, Praise God! And we pulled into home around 3am. Straight to bed and “I love you” on the very first night this time. Swoon.

Day number one happened to be Indy’s birthday…

My sweet 9 year old said he got the best present all the way from Latvia. But we tried to spoil him more anyway. We took the kids to see a movie, followed by an afternoon of swimming. That evening my sister and her family came to stay the night on their way to the airport in San Francisco. (Did I mention they are hosting again too?! Their poor host child had even more flight delays than Dz, so he arrived 2 days late. But that will be another blog post friends.) Cake and ice cream and a houseful of kids meant a lot of smiles and laughter for Dz, soaking it all in again. I can’t wait for the day that I can unveil all the great pictures of his time with us. Soon, I pray!
Two days of travel and a full first day here!… Today was a day for rest. We stayed home, played Uno and Swap, and just tried to catch up with each other. Hugs and cuddles, smiles and laughs, it was another good day. Somewhere in the middle Dz pulled up a video on YouTube for us… of his 9th grade graduation ceremony. 9th grade graduation is a big deal. His last year of school in L@tvi@. Time for life decisions and often bleak outlooks for orphans… But that’s another blog post as well. The point is… I had really wanted to be there! We had seriously hoped that maybe we could travel in May so that we could attend his graduation ceremony. But it didn’t work out. God had other plans. Maybe today was part of that, because we cried together with my arm around him as we watched. He looked so handsome in his suit as he walked up to receive his diploma and gifts. I told him how much I wished I could have been there, and he told me he had wished the same. It was a hard day for him. More tears. Then I pointed to an empty bench in the crowd and told him I was sitting right there in my heart. His smile beamed.

I’m ready for whatever tomorrow brings, thankful to be tucking him in again, with hugs and “I love you”s each night.

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  1. So beautiful and precious. Thank you so much for sharing this, Stacy. I don't comment often, but your posts bring me to tears… in a good way. It's so wonderful to see how He is working in your lives. I can't wait until you get to unveil those pictures too! Much love!

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