Legos and Lizards

This is a common scene in my living room. Legos scattered everywhere, while various buildings and contraptions are erected. After vacuuming a few too many legos that were missed in the pick up process, we finally utilized the fabulous idea of laying down a white blanket first. There still ends up being a few stragglers lost in the pattern of my rug, but far fewer than before. I must confess though… I actually love that sound of a missed lego rattling it’s way into my vacuum. It makes me smile because it is a reminder of the joys of little boys. I never thought I’d ever want a cage with lizards to decorate my living room….. but there they sit, right next to the love seat. My breakable keepsakes are long packed away, for fear of a flying football or swinging homemade weapon of some kind. Yep, weapons of all kinds are found here and there… created from sticks, duct tape, rubber bands and a multitude of other odds and ends. Even origami ninja stars. While some moms fill their mommy days with dolls and tea parties and dress up… I now know more about slimy concoctions, medieval weaponry, pulleys and levers, reptiles, and ‘Star Wars’ battle stations and spaceships than I ever thought I’d want to know. So you ask me (as I’m trying to get the paper airplane down that got stuck on my curtain rod) if I’m ready for two more little boys……….. ABSOLUTELY!! Legos and lizards are now officially my favorite decorations!!, and I wouldn’t swap them for the world!!