unnamedWelcome! I’m glad you’re here. I’m Stacy, the girl sharing my heart with you here at Daily Surrender to Jesus.

My heart likes to linger around these things… Jesus, family life, adoption, and serenity.

If you’re visiting for the first time, may I share a little more? I’m a 39-again 😉 , blessed mom of 6 boys,

and celebrating 20 years of marriage to the cute boy I met in 8th grade.DSC04657 (2)


A decade of friendship. A summer that changed it all. Marriage.

Motherhood also came to me the day I said “I do” through an adorable, bright-eyed two-year old. Step-parenting is a challenging road, but I’m grateful to have walked it. How blessed I am that the woman he calls mom was kind and generous, allowing me to share her role. We’re friends. Truly, I love her.  And I love our boy.

My first newborn blessing came soon after marriage, and another quickly followed.

3 boys spanning 5 years…

Boys in Nevada


I know the joy, as well as the exhausting days, of motherhood that many of you are walking. God bless you. Persevere Momma! And cherish every moment! The days are long, but the years are short. Babies change quickly into teenagers who learn how to drive, bring home girlfriends, and attend college.

DSC05031(and sometimes their friends become like family too)

This is where we find ourselves now, and my husband and I would soon be left with an empty nest if it weren’t for the glorious gift of adoption, through which we gained 3 more incredible sons. Each one bringing new experiences, new challenges, and new joys.

DSC05210 (2)

Teddy Indy for blog

dzintars for blog

I’ve done some things well. And I’ve had my fair share of failures. These “learning opportunities” give me plenty of material to write on, but the lesson is always the same… Love Jesus, trust Jesus, thank Jesus, just… Jesus! He is the answer. To everything. Believe me, in this house full of testosterone and stomachs that never fill, I need Jesus. Every day.


Because amidst all the chaos of boys that now span a decade, is a momma who craves peace. Jesus is peace. He is the serenity that I seek each day, and He makes our home surprisingly, delightfully, peaceful. Serene. He has shown me through these years of raising boys that…

the way to serenity is Surrender.

Surrender to Jesus, the Prince of Peace. His will, His when, His way. He never fails.