Love, Beautifully Painted


Just Five Minutes to let the words flow. No over-thinking, no backtracking, no agenda. Just our thoughts on a given word. I need this now and then, and I’m so thankful that there’s a whole community of friends who need this right along with me…
Five Minute Friday
This week the word is Graceful…
She chooses her words carefully. She knows how the tongue can revive a dying soul, and she reaches for the words that bring life. There is no judgment in her tone, only grace. Her own scars are deep and she recalls the lies that left her feeling empty. Words spoken without thought, forever etched into her memory. The insecurities she was forced to battle with for so many years.  
Aren’t we all like an empty canvas seeking beauty? Waiting for a masterpiece to be painted upon our hearts? And the vandal spreads lies across this work in progress, but she would not do the same. With precision she chooses to paint love into my life. Intently she seeks to recall His Word, full of grace and truth.  And she speaks it with delicate timing, never hastily, never harshly.

The words flow out smooth, and soft, and sincere, as if they are read directly from the page, but I see the passion behind her closed eyes; she means every word.  To me, she is more graceful than the ballerina, more beautiful than the fair maiden. She is a conveyer of life, and forever my example.

Shared from my heart ~ Stacy

4 thoughts on “Love, Beautifully Painted”

  1. This is beautiful! And it reminds me that my words add to the painting in each person's life. I want them to beautify the picture, not mar it. Thank you for sharing this – iron sharpens iron!

    Blessings, Jan

  2. i have a friend and example like that… her words, while not prolific or even many speak straight to my heart. and just like you, i can only see her as graceful and beautiful…

    we are blessed to have such a person in our lives, as friend, mentor and example.

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