My first “moment” with Indy

Last night as I tucked Indrias in to bed (Teddy had already fallen asleep) I was blessed with a very special moment. I kissed him goodnight and tucked his covers around him and started to get up, but he said “Mommy” and grabbed my arms. I sat back down and kissed his cheeks and looked at his sweet face…. he started playing with my hair, running his fingers through it and looking at me like he was trying to take it all in. I just smiled at him and let him play with my hair for a few minutes. Then his little hands grabbed my face and turned it to the side, then pulled me toward him and kissed me on the cheek. Then he rolled over and closed his eyes. What a very precious moment!

4 thoughts on “My first “moment” with Indy”

  1. How special and precious! This gives me chills!

    How well do the boys speak English?

    I am remembering you all in prayer tonight!

  2. What a journey!
    How nice that the Lord heard the cry of these two boys who really needed parents.
    And you answered HIS voice.

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