Night 5 is my Favorite

Night number five and he returned the words “I love you” when I tucked him in. I’m just about the happiest I could be right now.
Communication has been difficult since his English is still not clear and Google only translates correctly half the time, but I certainly understood those words!

We decorated our tree today. Yes, quite late in the season, but we waited for him. I was so happy to see him jump right in and help. Yesterday we drove up to the mountains to cut the tree down and it was quite the adventure. I think he would have enjoyed it, if only it hadn’t caused his cough to return. He’s still battling that, so a lot of rest is on our agenda! But a restful day today gave us a lot of time for conversation and I’m thankful to be learning so much more about him.

And a question from left field… Do you think a dog just knows when someone is meant to be family? Because our dogs never fail to bark at anyone or anything even slightly new to them, but they never barked at Dz. The night he arrived they just sniffed at his pant legs, wagged their tails, and went on with life as usual.