Our Journey to Texas

I have finally had time to get my pictures together and I want to share just a few of them that were taken along the way as we traveled to Texas. Our first stop was to visit family in Genoa, Nv. and Lee Vining, Ca. and the next few pictures were taken there, on a fun fishing day with Nana and Papa. The boys went home with 19 fish for a delicious dinner!! Nana and Nate

Endy and Papa

Teddy holding one of his fish

Teddy and Endy

After a few more stops in California, we finally began the journey…..

Loaded down and heading through the desert of Southern California.
(Proof that California is NOT ALL beautiful.)


While we were in Arizona we stopped in Tuscon to visit the Peyton family. We met the Peytons in Ethiopia when we were all there to finalize adoptions and bring our kids home. Teddy and Endy were so happy to see their friends Isaiah and his little sister Makada. And we were thoroughly blessed by Melanie who prepared a delicious, traditional Ethiopian meal for all of us to share together!

Endy, Isaiah, and Teddy

Peyton and Pelzl kids

On the road again.

New Mexico

And finally… we arrived at our new home in Texas!

The time since our arrival has flown by! Our house is becoming “homey”, 🙂 Our homeschool is finally becoming a routine again, And our new church home and church family have been an absolute blessing!!