And they’re off…..

…..for a fun filled elk hunting trip. Nate and Nick left this morning with their Papa, Uncle Clint, and two of their cousins. The motor home packed, Jeep hooked up to pull behind, and snow beginning to drift softly down; they began their 6 hour drive across Nevada into……. the middle of nowhere.
As for me……..

* *(Daisy and Grace)
…It’s just me and the puppies at home for 2 whole days.
Adam is at the Calvary Chapel men’s retreat at Woodleaf for the weekend, so poor, lonely me…. I have to have this warm, comfy house all to myself to snuggle with the puppies, watch girly movies and read good books all weekend.

Summer’s end

Summer has officially come to an end. Kaleb returned to his Mom’s in Fallbrook, Ca. to start his first year of high school. Nate and Nick are back into the routine of another year of homeschooling. But not before they managed to squeeze in their last bit of summer fun.
Fishing on Lake Topaz.

Riding behind Papa and Nana’s boat on the “hot dog”.

Welcome Fall

Summer Fun

Enjoying life as we journey through our adoption process.
Fish nibbling our toes at Lilly Lake.
Swimming at Uncle Troy’s with cousin Jordy.
Water balloon fun with cousins Jessica and Cole.

Roller coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with good friend Daniel.