Photos of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Just want to share a few photos to show you the city of Addis. The first photo is an overlook of a part of the city. The smoke in the distance was in the air every night. They burned the garbage at the dump at night and it lingered. We wanted to get a breeze in our guest room because it was quite warm, but when we opened the windows we would smell that smoke and our eyes would start to get itchy and red. We decided the heat was better. Here’s a typical view of what the streets looked like…

It was common to see oxen, goats, sheep, donkeys, etc, in the streets. Apparently they would be let out to roam during the day and return home at night. And you would sometimes see them being led to the market.

Another typical street… they seemed to look all alike. My husband with a terrific sense of direction said he would feel lost so easily there because every street looked the same.

I pray the Lord will recall these pictures to my mind in those moments that I begin to think… I need a bigger home or better decorations, etc., etc….. and replace those thoughts with thanksgiving. We are all so abundantly blessed here in America.