Well, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” (Prov.16:9) and the Lord has decided to slow down our steps a bit. We were hoping for a successful court hearing today for our adoption, but some recent events caused a postponement of our court date. Though initially we are disappointed, we are trusting that God’s timing is perfect and His insight is far greater than ours. Please be praying for our boys, as the reason for the postponement is that their biological father died very recently. He originally gave them to be adopted because he was unable to provide and care for them, and they were in need of medical attention and food. (Their mother died one year prior.) Only the love of a father could put their child’s life and well being ahead of his own feelings. (Just as Christ did for us!) I can’t imagine being in his position. When a parent is still living and has given them to be adopted, they are required to appear at the court hearing and give their consent. Because of his recent death, he was unable to be there. In his absence, there must be documentation to prove his death. In Ethiopia this is difficult and time consuming as they do not issue death certificates. It is left to our agency to locate those who can testify to his death and sign the required documents. There just wasn’t sufficient time to get that done before our court hearing today, and so the postponement gives them until our new hearing… March 11th. Please continue to pray for all of the adoption details to come together smoothly for all involved. But please pray especially that the Lord would comfort the hearts of our boys as they try to process all that is going on in their young lives.

A few weeks ago we put together a photo album for our boys, filled with pictures of their new family. God is so good and He perfectly orchestrated the timing of the arrival of that photo album. The ladies at the orphanage were able to comfort them on the very day that they were told of their fathers death, with picures of their new family waiting for them in America. Knowing how much I had wanted to send those albums sooner, but struggled to get them completed sooner, and seeing God’s perfect timing unfold in something as simple as the arrival of photos…. I also know that His perfect timing will unfold in the arrival of our boys to be home with us.

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  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog. I am very moved by this post. God's timing IS so perfect. I will be praying for your family as it grows and adjusts. I have the utmost respect and reverence for a family that so freely gives love the way yours is doing by opening your home that way. I am going to "follow" your blog if that's okay.

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