Showing Their Personalities

Teddy: Linear, organized, gets excited when I change his sheets and smooth out the wrinkles. Makes his bed every morning and keeps his clothes in neat little stacks in his drawers. Loves to be read to and lines up his toys. Routinely gives me a kiss on my right cheek, then my left, then my forehead, then my lips, then each of my hands at bedtime every night.


Indy: spatial, energetic, would rather chase butterflies than sit down to play. Forgetful and easily distracted, but loves to sing and laugh, and dances with his momma in the kitchen. Gives me a giant squeeeeeeze to say good night.

One thought on “Showing Their Personalities”

  1. adorable. sweet. love the update.

    aren't each of our children so different, so uniquely wonder-full!

    glad you are enjoying your blessings.

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