Snippets from our recent life

~Has it only been 5 weeks since we arrived here in Texas? We feel like it’s home. The routine is in place and life is being lived. Everything’s unpacked and the everyday messes are being made.
~We are absolutely blessed by the Lord through Calvary Chapel Lake Cities!! On our way home from church last night Adam and I both said we’ve been moved to tears by the Lord every service so far. (Well, technically Adam said almost to tears, but I think that’s a guy thing.)
~We’re speaking with a southern accent a lot lately. And not because we now live in Texas, but because our current bedtime read is “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.
~I think I’ve become a thrift store junkie. The Lord has blessed us with some incredible “finds” to replace our “losts”. (Is that a word?)
~Music lessons began yesterday. My kids have been wanting to learn the keyboard and guitar for awhile now. I decided to teach them. Ok, it’s been a while, and I’ve lost a lot of my hearing since then, but after a little piano, clarinet, saxophone, and guitar, I think I still remember the basics. We’ll see. And we can always search for a new teacher as they surpass me.
~This morning they wanted to practice, and keep practicing, and keep practicing. Two hours later they were playing a song, taking video, and sending it to Nana. I might be seeking a new teacher sooner than I thought.

~When did my children become old enough to add “mow the lawn” to their chore list? And why does Mom still have some fear about that? They are old enough!! Stop stressing Stacy!
~My reader (Nate) checked out 3, quite thick, books from the library last week. I told him, we have to return them in two weeks, Are you sure you’ll finish them all? He was sure. One week later he wants to know if we can go back to the library to get more books.

~White carpet is not a wise choice for a family with 4 boys and 2 dogs.

~With Daddy’s encouragement, Teddy pulled two of his loose teeth out the other night. Daddy brought home a new movie… Madagascar… to say “good job”. Endy has been trying like crazy to pull some teeth out ever since then.

~Community Bible Study has been a blessing for us in multiple states!! Nevada, California, and now Texas!

~Dry erase markers + a big white board = hours of entertainment.

~We had a fun time trying to think of as many things as we could to describe the “reason” for the brilliant lightening and crashing thunder that was keeping us awake the other night. Oh not the boring scientific explanation… the fun stuff… like the angels are rearranging their furniture. (Ok, mom stuck a few scientific and spiritual lessons in there too. I take my opportunities.)

~Nick decided fractions were a lot more fun when you get to eat the results…. We multiplied the recipe to make… way too many cookies.

~The $1.00 movie theatre is our new friend. Adam can take all of the boys for $5.00 plus some popcorn, and I get a little time to myself. Aaahhhh.

~Endy has not gotten car sick since we’ve been here. There are some advantages to a big, flat state with straight, open roads.

~Of couse, Texas also has it’s disadvantages… such as red ant hills lining the sidewalks and a gecko on my bedroom wall. (I don’t care how small it is honey, it still does not belong on my bedroom wall!)

~Is it really time to make dinner already? Didn’t I just do that last night?

~Yep, It’s just an ordinary life…. blessed to be in the hands of an extraordinary God!

2 thoughts on “Snippets from our recent life”

  1. That is so funny Stacy! I totally relate… to it all! Couple of thoughts…
    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who cries during service.
    2. Library, thrift store, dollar theater… you are officially living my life ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. Give it a year, you'll sleep through the thunderstorms like the rest of us now do.
    4. Meisha gives guitar lessons.
    5. Geckos eat bugs… the your friends not your foes ๐Ÿ™‚
    6. I'm so blessed to have y'all here!

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