The Christmas Lamb and Bread of Life

In the midst of the crowded yet desolate city he walked with his hands pushed deeply into the pockets of his tattered jacket, head tilted down to keep the wind from his face. The world bustled all around him… but he was alone.

His heart was heavy, and his stomach was hungry, and he searched for a place of warmth and comfort. He ducked into an alleyway; a temporary shield from the wind. But his frozen toes still curled tightly inside his worn-out shoes. He would find food here to appease the ache in his stomach. He watched as the bags were carried out and tossed away, then he silently slipped into a small familiar space between the cold cement wall and his dinner. His nose had grown accustomed to the smell, but his heart could not get used to the emptiness.


Just down the street she stood in the warmth of the kitchen slicing the Christmas lamb and arranging it neatly on the platter, while her friend broke the bread beside her and placed the pieces into the overflowing baskets to be placed on the tables. They had volunteered that day to go into the heart of that desperate city and prepare a feast at the shelter. They served contentedly along-side many others, hoping to offer the warmth of a fire and a filling meal to the cold and the hungry. They smiled a warm welcome, they wrapped compassionate arms around lonely shoulders, and they offered a simple gift of love to fill the empty hearts.

But he didn’t know about the feast that was being prepared that day. He didn’t know about the warm fire or the open arms to welcome him. He didn’t know about the gift of love that was offered. So he remained in the alleyway alone, wrapping his thread-bare jacket a little tighter around his aching soul.

How will they know if we do not tell them? (Romans 10:14) …that Jesus volunteered to come into this dark and desperate world (John 12:46), to wrap arms of compassion around lonely shoulders(Mark 1:41), to prepare a feast for the hungry (Psalm 23:5, Matthew 22:2), and to offer himself, The Christmas Lamb (1Peter 1:18,19) and The Bread of Life (John 6:51), as a gift of love(John 3:16).

Go therefore…. (Matthew 28:19,20)

9 thoughts on “The Christmas Lamb and Bread of Life”

  1. Love that the same holidays that bring about depression and isolation and greed Christ can also use to teach us these lessons:)

    Found you on HumpDayHop and am now following on GFC, Twitter and Google+

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I was having very similar thoughts during our Candlelight/Communion service tonight. We should each share the light of Jesus' love wherever we are. People need to know!

  3. Beautiful post. brilliant reminder. thank you so much for encouraging me today to reach out my hand for the body of Christ!
    To God be the glory…

    Merry Christmas,

  4. What a great post! I often don't do enough to be sure that others know about Him, His love, and His offer as the Christmas Lamb. That is one of my resolutions in the coming year, to show others God's love.

  5. My favorite Christmas memory is the year that my grandparents took us down to the homeless shelter to help clean the storage area, prepare the food, and serve dinner…. that Christmas hit it home for me!

  6. Thanks for stopping by The Purposeful Mom! One thing that stuck out to me from your post today was the verse you shared from Romans 10:14. It is so true that I sometimes feel sad for people because they don't know the love of God but then don't take the extra step to tell them, especially during the Christmas season! Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  7. My Mom always had a big feast on Christmas Eve and invited everyone over who did not have a family…and generally most were not able to eat daily. I did not understand that then…like I do now…I pray I can be more like her!

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