The Good Life


When the battle before me seems daunting, my feet too heavy to lift, His voice whispers faintly, “press on”. But I live in a land of luxury and sometimes my heart just wants to settle down here and be comfortable and feel at home. To prop my feet up, and sip my wine, and breathe in perfection.
But perfection doesn’t come to feet propped up in comfort. 
It comes to feet that are running the race and fighting the battle.
I gravitate toward comfort, but God says I will have tribulation. I look for ease, but He says be willing to walk the hard. I seek out material abundance, but God says hold everything with an open hand. I want the good life, and He tells me it’s not really found here.
This place is for shaping and stretching. For storms and bumpy roads.  For transformation and building faith. It’s an intentional choice to pick up our swords and embrace the battle, to surrender our hearts to the unfolding will of our Lord, day by day, moment by moment. To trust the strength and sovereignty of the one whose steps engraved a path to righteousness and salvation, with worn and dirty feet that never veered from His Father’s will. Those same feet strong and stable where I find peace and joy unexplainable. The comfort of his Word, his strength carrying me, the abundance of his mercy and his grace.
As I let go of this flesh, with it’s pull toward the easy and the tame, and place my next step, pressing on, into the trenches of surrender, I sip the wine of his shed blood and embrace the good life, eternal, in his presence.

2 thoughts on “The Good Life”

  1. It's not really found here — you are so right. So often I want to make this world my home, and yet…it is not here that I will ever be complete. Welcome to SDG!

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