The World is Like October

I have a love-hate relationship with October.

Really, how can anyone not LOVE the beautiful colors, the crunch of Fall leaves, and the cool crisp air? The harvest apples and everything squash? Pulling out your “warm cozies” from the back of your closet? Hayrides and pumpkin patches? Delicious baked apple muffins and pumpkin bread? The fresh smell of rain and the warmth of the fire?

But with October comes Halloween. I can’t take my kids anywhere without seeing witches and goblins. I know to some people it’s not such a big deal… all in fun. The kids enjoy it because they get to get all dressed up in fun costumes and eat lots of candy. But the last two years I’ve become very aware of the very real spiritual battles that take place in a child’s heart. Our adopted children have experienced real spiritual darkness in their past, and they suffer from a real fear of evil. Just passing by the costumes in Target ends up causing literal nightmares that night. So we do our best to shield them. We lean toward the celebration of harvest.

Then comes the candy. Since when did the Fall harvest include abundant crops of candy? Really? I often have wondered about this. Why candy? Again, not such a big deal to a lot of people… Candy is yummy, a special treat for the kids. It’s all in fun. But I have two children who suffered from malnutrition.   Malnutrition.   The effects of that continue to be seen in their bodies. Not strikingly visible to most people anymore, But I know the physical and mental struggles we are still facing because of malnutrition, and I know how badly their bodies need good nutritious food. And we all know that candy is not nutritious folks. I hate that I have to choose between allowing them the childhood joy of indulging in that enticing October treat, or getting them closer to the healthy strong bodies that we know will help them feel better in the long run and we so want them to have. I struggle with this choice.

So I hate October, and I love October. And it reminds me of this world… full of fears, and temptations beckoning us to indulge and join in… seemingly harmless and all in fun. Having to choose where the line should be drawn. Yet surrounded by God’s beauty and the changing of life’s seasons, the warmth of His presence in the crisp air, the fresh cleansing of His Spirit, the “warm cozy” of His Word, and a harvest of amazing blessings… God’s grace poured out in abundance.    Oh how I thank God for His grace!

Do you love October?

6 thoughts on “The World is Like October”

  1. We like Halloween…but we limit it. We got to the Harvest party at our church (where there are no scary costumes allowed) and the kids' candy bags get switched out for healthier treats. I have no issues with them having some candy here and there…but that much all at one time is bad news…

    I do hate going into the stores at this time of year. Some of those costumes are way over the top…

  2. I love October but I do agree with you. Some of the costumes cause ME nightmares…heck!! And I dont understand where the candy comes from either but I know my kids like it. We just limit the candy per day and it lasts us all year long! I don't want my kids on a sugar high like some of their friends!

    I'm your newest follower from Social Parade on Friday. 🙂 Hopefully you can visit back and follow as well! Have a great weekend!

    Krissy @ Mommy Miscellaneous

  3. So incredibly Blessed to find a Mama with the same views of Halloween!! There is nothing good at all about it, and as farmers, nope no harvest of candy.. just corn, soybeans and hay 🙂
    Excited to find your blog on friday hop! GFC friending you. Always blessed to be encouraged by a sister in Christ.

  4. New follower from the Friday hop. Thank you for a different perspective on Halloween. I've always been in the "all in fun" camp-though we avoid anything scary. We just have some fun playing dress-up. But I can definitely see where your family would choose to avoid Halloween.
    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

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