These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

1.The Sound of Music.
Kids gathered around the piano singing together, teaching Dz the English words to sing along. A patient cousin, realizing his great desire to learn piano, sits him in front of the keys and begins teaching him. He picks it up quickly, and she teaches even more. They spend hours together laughing and singing as he plays.
Favorite words, repeated again and again as he practiced with a giant smile on his face until his fingertips turned red: “I love very!”
2. The Fourth of July
A walk across the meadow to Nevada Beach. Sitting on the water’s edge watching a rather spectacular 30-minute fireworks display choreographed to music over Lake Tahoe. He was amazed.
Favorite words whispered every few minutes throughout: “Wow. Very good. Oh wow. Very, very good.”
3. Caples Lake with Papa

My dad took the boys and cousin Natalie(the pianist) for a day of fishing. (I tagged along to take pictures.) Beautiful; a picnic, hiking, sunshine, and smiles. Nick has a new fishing buddy who is just as patient and determined as he…


Favorite words yelled out from every direction, including Dz’s: “Papa! Papa!” Someone needs help casting. Someone’s line is caught. Someone needs more bait. I think a very happy, tired Papa slept gooood that night.