It is 3 am in L@tvi@ and I can’t get back to sleep. A good time for a blog update. We’re snuggled into a little apartment with extra blankets. It’s cold here. And we’re sick. A 14 hour plane trip is miserable when you have a cold. But we’re glad to be here nonetheless. L@tvi@ is quite beautiful. There were many many trees and meadows, with splashes of fall colors as we travelled 2 and a half hours by car from northern L@tvi@, to Dz’s home town, and the location of our orphan court, in southern L@tvi@.

Yesterday was our first court date. Dz met us there, came up behind me and surprised me in the parking lot as we arrived. It was so good to hug him again, and see his smile. Orphan court was very small. Nothing like the courtroom I anticipated. There were 9 of us sitting at small tables in a room of an office building. We met his orphanage director and it was good to see how much she truly loves him. She cried as she said good-bye to him. I know it was an emotional day for Dz as well, but as we sat on the couch talking together last night he said “I am very happy”. Me too Dz! Very very happy. 

Life seems very casual here, moving at a slower pace. I like it. There are many beautiful time-worn buildings, cobblestone streets, and dirt roads. But the best part of L@tvi@ is spending this time with Dz in his childhood home. Colds or not, we’re hoping to make the most of our time here and see as much as we can!

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