Travel Dates!! And Birth Dates!!

We received our plane tickets in the mail!! We will be traveling to Ethiopia on May 28th, with our embassy appointment scheduled for June 2nd, and returning home with our boys on June 7th. All of our immunizations are updated and we’re ready to go! Amazingly, our departure date is the day after school ends for Nate and Nick… so we won’t have to haul along any school work. They can just enjoy the trip as their first week of summer vacation. Perfect timing. We are so looking forward to meeting Tedy and Endy! We have reservations made at the Ethiopia Guest Home for the week. I even had the chance (With the HUGE help of my mom!!) to finish painting and getting their room ready for their return… and their dresser is even filled with clothes. (Thanks to the BLESSING of so many wonderful friends! Thank you!!)

In addition to travel dates… we also just received some other significant dates. The boys’ official birth dates. They are closer in age than we thought… only 14 months apart!

3 thoughts on “Travel Dates!! And Birth Dates!!”

  1. I am so excited for you. Those boys are going to be so blessed by coming into a home that has been prepared for them physically and prayerfully. I can't wait to hear about the adventure of your journey and the blessing of your homecoming!

    I bet you are excited to plan Endy's birthday party, too!

    p.s. I'm so glad we are Facebook friends now!

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