Waking Up To 14 Sweet Kiddos

We are home. Dz is here with us! I know you’re all crying “update!”. But we’re all crying “sleep!”, so the update will come soon friends. The quick version is… We love him! He is either very shy, or completely exhausted, or both. And he made us the sweetest card thanking us for inviting him here.
My sister and her family of 6 also picked up the 4 children they are hosting, making it 10 in their home over Christmas. They headed toward their home, got caught in a snowstorm, had to turn around and after 8 hours on the road they pulled up to our house around 4am, and they are all asleep now in our spare room and living room.
So, coffee in hand, I’m looking forward to this beautiful new day and all that God will bring. Updates will come. God bless you friends! And thank you for prayers!

3 thoughts on “Waking Up To 14 Sweet Kiddos”

  1. I was wondering why you said 10 other kids…didn't realize Shawna had to turn back around! Enjoy your super crowded house and many cups of coffee! Love you!!

    P.S. His shyness wears off after a few days…

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