We’re off to Ethiopia to get our boys!!

Today is the day. School is complete (Perfect timing… no extra books to take on our trip), Bags are packed (except a few last minute things), house is clean (I like to come home to a clean house with clean sheets on all the beds), dogs are at the groomers (No stinky dogs for my Dad to watch while we are away), plane tickets are in our hands and all reservations are made, etc, etc, and most importantly… our boys are waiting for us in Ethiopia. We’re off! I hope to keep the blog updated throughout the week while we are there. As long as technology cooperates with me… I’ll let you know how things are going and add some pictures. Here’s the agenda… we leave tonight and fly all night long to Washington D.C., then fly from D.C to Ethiopia (with a quick stop in Rome to refuel) all day tomorrow. Long plane trip!! Pray the kids will not get too antsy… OK, pray ADAM doesn’t get too antsy. 🙂 So we arrive tomorrow night California time, but Saturday morning Ethiopia time. Saturday is recuperation from jetlag day… Sunday we hope to do some exploring… Monday (that’s Sunday night in Ca.) we get to pick up our boys!!!, …Tuesday is our embassy appointment… then the rest of the week we will just hang out while we wait to receive their passports, etc so we can fly home on the 7th.

Time for me to go put those last minute things in our bags. XOXO ~Stacy

3 thoughts on “We’re off to Ethiopia to get our boys!!”

  1. Stacy and Adam – How EXCITING! I am so happy for you. May God bless you on this trip. I am praying for your safe trip and look forward to reading your updates.

    Heather Rhodes

  2. Woke up thinking about you guys. Hope your trip is going well. We can't wait to hear from you! How did they boys do on the flight? Hope your able to keep us posted.
    Love you all,
    C,S,T,S,L,S & T

  3. What a marvelous website. Somebody is very talented. It'll be so fun to follow your journey. God bless you all. You're a very Godly women Stacy. You made a wonderful contribution to our Bible Study.
    Love, Diane Price

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