Where has this month gone?

A good visit from Nana and Papa, Dallas Aquarium, fishing, Ancient Greece, degrees of angles. hooked on phonics, building snowmen, organizing books, cleaning house, The Children’s Homer, bicycle rides, trips to the library, Bible study, playing at the park, history scrapbooks, self-portraits for art, legos legos everywhere, Dr. Seuss, algebraic equations, youth group, growing bacteria for science, beginning addition, playing with friends, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, studying the hydrosphere, driving, Valentine crafts, watching the Olympics, dollar theater, Winter Jam concert, video games, reading more books, church, dinners with friends, playdough, outgrowing clothes, prayer meetings, Music Ace, spelling tests, brick wars, nerf guns, tessellations, recitations, shopping, cooking, watching the birds, photography, coloring books, playing fetch with the dogs, cuddling, laughing, ocassionally sleeping…….